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Grand Tour

Leaving from Cuma, mother of the West, to whom we owe the foundation of Neapolis on the hill of Monte Echia. We then reach the spectacular Roman cistern, the final destination of the Augustan aqueduct. We will admire unique finds and breathtaking views from the Aragonese Castle of Baia which houses the Museum Phlegrean Fields. Then lunch break is going to be in a suitable location. Finally we will visit the Amphitheater that the citizens of the ancient Puteoli built at their own expense.

The voyage of Aeneas

The Phlegraean Fields, a land of infernal lakes, mysterious caves, wild woods, amazing seasides and landscapes, is the ideal place to start our journey from myths and arrive at history.
In the Aeneid Virgil tells us about the trojan hero's  disembarkation at Cumae and his encounter with the Sibyl, who then leads him to the doors of  the Nether Realms, whence he'll go on to found the origins of a new divine dynasty of emperors that will leave a strong mark of the splendour of the Roman empire on this land.

The Water

The water coming from the bowels of the earth, hot and cold feeding the ancient thermal rooms, cisterns and basins of craters thousands of years old, over time covering part of the territory of the Phlegrean fields and guarding in the deep, archeological testimonies protected as well today by The Archeological Park of Baia Sommersa.


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