La Terra dei Miti is waiting for you to follow the traces of Aeneas, the Trojan hero who landed in Cumae in search of his destiny. Here he met the Sybil, prophetess of Apollo, who led him to the gates of the underworld, here on the shores of Lake Avernus. We will visit the places linked to the myths of Apollo, Daedalus and Icarus, where the Greeks stopped for the enchantment of the landscapes, the Romans to build the Empire and the travellers of the Grand Tour to retrace their traces.

The itinerary

Acropolis of Cumae

Cumae, mother of the west, was the first colony the Greeks founded on the mainland. They situated all the temples upon the acropolis, the temple of Apollo is linked to the myth of Daedalus, written by Virgil. It's here Aeneas met the Sybil, a priestess famous for her prophesies.

Lake Avernus

In ancient times the lake displayed intense activities of smoke and gas, most suitable to signify the entrance to the nether realms, the kingdom of Hades. When the dark myths surrounding the lake went away, the lake became the first location of Emperor Augustus imperial fleet and sumptious villas and heating systems grew up around it.


Time tour: 4h 


Services included

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