We will follow the long journey of water, starting from distant sources to reach an "underground cathedral", the largest Roman cistern in Italy. Then visit the majestic Baths of Baia, where the water welcomed the Romans for the wellbeing of body and mind and Lake Miseno, home of the imperial fleet that rescued some of the inhabitants of Pompei during the eruption of Vesuvius.

The itinerary

The Piscina Mirabilis

 The Piscina Mirabilis was constructed to give place to the imperial fleet staying in the harbour of Miseno, the Classis Misenensis. It's the largest roman cistern in Italy completely carved out of the tufo, terminal point of the Augustan aqueduct which now presents itself as an enormous subterranean cathedral.

The Archeological Park of the Thermal Baths of Baia    

The ancient Baia, for the precence of thermal waters and the beauty of it's landscape, was a resort for rest and vacation of the roman aristocracy. Between the third and the fifth centuries A.D.the phenomena of Bradyeism provoked this slow sinking of it's docks, villas and edifices and it contributed to the depopulation of the area. A part of the ancient city is now under water and is part of the Underwater Park of Baia protecting a valuable marine archeologichal ambience.


Time tour: 4h

Services included

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